So let me set up the scenario. You pull your new car up to the pump for some fuel. You have 2 choices. You could pay an extremely low price at under $1.00 a gallon. It’s rediculously low and you’re excited. Or you could pay what seems to be a rediculously high amount of $3.00 a gallon. It’s a no brainer right? Let’s go low! But wait there’s a catch. The low price also means low quality. You’ll get less than half the milage on the cheap grade. There’s additives that will actually degrade your engone and cost the lif and longevity on your car. The more expensive gas, however, is such that you will get optimal milage and performance, plus, it will increase the life of your car. So now, what do we do? Well I hope in this case we see that the cost is matched my the value and we’d be willing to pay more to get more. 

Why is food any different. My kids and I dropped by a local grocery the other day to pick up some items. I wanted some walnuts and they have those bins that let you bag your own. The boys wanted jelly beans. Being the sucker that I am I obliged. My walnuts cost $7/lb compared to their $1.19/lb jelly bean. Is this highway robbery? My wife commented that our grocery bill has gotten more expensive. I said, semantically, it’s not that our bill.has gotten more expensive but that out quality of food has gotten better. 

Too often we are quick to buy garbage food that wrecks our health because it comes with a cheaper price tag. But then, down the road we are paying medical bills. Not to menation wre have to buy lots more food because the garbage we buy doesn’t satiate…or give us milage so to speak. We are hungry aging just a few hours later. 

There’s a reason walnuts are more expensive than jelly beans. Or well, let’s say it this way…There’s a reason jelly beans are so cheap. I contend that you are worth quality, clean, and while food that will make you more.efficient and provide longevity to your life. For this reason we are working to grow, hunt, and provide as much of our own food as possible.