Have you ever been told that you should be under a physician’s care? Well its true. However that physician doesn’t have to be wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. That physician should be staring back at you in the mirror. Yep, that’s right, be thy own physician. “But I’m not trained.”, you might say. We’ll no, not in everything. And neither is every board certified physician. But there’s one thing that you do have. You. Every single day and every minute of every single day, you have yourself to study and test and learn. You do this on a micro scale already. You weigh yourself to check and monitor your weight. You take your temperature. Perhaps you monitor your blood glocuse. These are all self quanitifications. But, why stop there? We live in a dy and age where n=1 experiments are a must. With companies like  My23 that allow for DNA testing and coding to ‘Heads Up Health’ that allow you to record and track your bio-markers. I recently signed up for Heads Up Health, a company started by Dave Korzunsky. It allows me to track just about anything I want to, and also pulls in every medical record, prescription, and test performed from every doctors office or hospital I’ve visited.

Long gone is the day that the doctor makes house calls. But perhaps now is coming the day when the doctor lives in the house. With heath insurance is such awful shape, and big pharma running the show, it’s hard to know who to trust. Will you be the recipient of a hand full of pharmaceutical samples that some rep just pawned off on your doctor while making his weekly visit, so that you can be the guinea pig to see if it will remedy the symptoms without imposing one of many listed side effects? Or will you study your body, listen to your body, seek out medical, natural, western, eastern, supplimental, and homeopathic cures for yourself? Check out heads up health and start tracking your very important information. It’s free!