Today is Friday. A day most people see as the beginning of the weekend. For me, Friday is squat day. Throw a lot of heavy weight onto a barbell and drop low, and stand back up. Seems simple. Hard but simple. I have a love hate relationship without squats. I consider them the king of lifts. Nothing makes a man physically stronger all over like them. Today I was discouraged though. My lifting weight has dropped this summer. I haven’t been able to stay as consistent as I’d like to and the effects are visible. What I use to consider light seemed very heavy today.

I’m not beating myself up. I know that the strent will come back with consistent work. I also know a very important truth. Even though I’m not lifting as many pounds, I’m experiencing the same amount of exerted effort. That means I will get the same hormonal effects as if I were lifting alot more weight. I will still benefit from increased testosterone, HGH, etc. And, that’s my love relationship with squats.

We have to keep working and doing, even when the work gets harder, even when the work load seems less. Even when we are frustrated at that fact. If the work is hard, it will provide growth and benefits.