Tonight Mandy and I were out late on a date. On the way home we decided to stop off at a Kroger for a ‘healthy’snack. Since we are ketogenic, meaning we keep our carbs very low, we had decided on coconut ice cream. After finding it in the ‘novelty’ ice cream section we inspected the ingredients list and found that it listed more carbs than we desired. We settled for cashews and kale chips! You say, “yuck!”. Well it was actually really good, to be honest with you. In the end, we laughed and were very surprised at ourselves. I remember when we would stop of at Steak and Shake and order large sugary shakes. You’d think a small coconut ice cream would be a huge step. And sure, it’s much better, but we have invested too much now. We are sold on what we eat. Literally every meal. But, we don’t suffer..We’ve learned that the more invested we are, the easier it is. It didn’t even feel like a trase off or a sacrifice to forego the ice cream for the kale chips. I enjoyed it and was satisfied.

That didn’t happen all at once. It has been small but consistent steps taken over a long period of time. I think it’s important to inventory our diet in its present state and just ask, “what is the one thing right now that I can change for the better?”  I don’t have to change everything, or even a big thing. Just one thing. Lots of little things added up over time equals a lot. I am amazed at where we have come. I know you will eventually be amazed at yourself as well.