I have a secret morning sauce that gets me going. Well, it’s not that secret if you follow the paleo or bulletproof community. But, it’s not that well known around my crowd and sometimes when I share it I get weird looks or scoffing responses. That’s ok. Scoff away. This little elixir changes my entire day starting in the early,  bone cricking, muscle aching, brain fogged morning. 

I start by making my regular brew coffee with a metal filter. Paper filters filter out too much. With metal you still get all the great antioxidants, polyfenols, and flavonoids needed to make a good neuro enhancer and cell repairer. I use medium roast.

Next, I add a large pad of butter, usually self churned from my neighbor’s Jersey cow, about 2 tbsp of MTC oil (medium chained triglycerides), and a packet of stevia. The MTC oil is a fatty acid made from coconut oil that is already broken down and ready to be processed in the liver for energy. Lots of energy. Plus, it’s a thermogenic so look out fat loss!

And last but not least I add betahydroxybuterate, a ketone ester. I buy Keto OS’s ‘tootsie roll’ flavor. Yum! These exogenous ketones  rev up my ketone levels first thing in the morning to provide brain energy all day long.

After a quick blend in my Ninja food processor, I get a delicious  velvety smooth coffee drink. It’s like going into a phone booth Clark Kent, and coming out Super Man. This bulletproof mixture is enough to put me back on my feet with enough energy and focus to tackle the day, all day. For more on living bulletproof check out www.bulletproofexec.com and Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec.