Ecclesiastes 11:7 says “Light is sweet, and it is pleasing for the eyes to see the sun.”

Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep in the morning,  stumble through a darkened house, groggy and lethargic? You feel your way to the coffee maker, hoping this magical device will fill you full of caffeinated energy.

I use to be such a zombie in the morning until I realized that what the Bible speaks of is absolutely true! There is a physiological effect that enhances energy and cortisol production first thing in the morning when I let light, and specifically sunlight into my eyes upon waking up. It is better than coffee and that’s hard for me to admit! But, just as soon as you wake up, if you will find natural light to flood your eyes, immediately your body will begin producing energy producing hormones like seratonin and shut down your sleep producing hormones such as melatonin.

I will sit up in the bed with the curtains opened and just allow the sunlight to flood my vision or sometimes I will walk out to the back porch and allow my whole body to be enveloped in the morning sun for a moment. What a great way to get awake and ernergized!

If you’re struggling in the mornings, try this little trick and feel for yourself how energizing and uplifting it can be to start your day.