I walk in and make my way to the coffee bar. I pour a cup and grab a seat on the couch, kick my feet up and strike up a conversation. My friends gather around and we delve into lighthearted topics, crack jokes, and for the most part, just hang out. As 6:30 approaches more people have gathered and made themselves comfortable at a table. I pull out my Bible, turn to a passage and get everyone’s attention. Now, I begin with the deeper issues. Spiritual topics. 

This is not your ordinary church setting. It’s the Wild Goose Cafe, a building our church owns that we renovated. It’s relaxed and inviting. It’s the way we like to create and enjoy community. It’s vitally important to a person’s health to have healthy community. God created community when He added a wife to the mix for Adam, even more so when He invented procreation and added children. The church has always been about doing life ‘together’. It’s not a building but it is building one another up. Strengthening faith values. Edifying. Drawing one another closer and closer to God. I love coffee shop church. I love mingling with friends and growing together in community. More that anything, I love that I get to grow closer to God with my friends. Check out Epoch Fellowship Church.