2016-02-08 15.33.17At the bottom of the hill from my house, in the small, quiet town of Monterey, there is sits an old barn with a large neon sign. Sitting along the highway, it is a beacon for all to see who drive by. In our hometown, it has become a historical marker. It’s just been there for so long, I believe it may predate me!

I look at that old barn and sign, I see something very analogous to me life. Sometimes I feel a bit worn down. I feel like I’m falling apart or in need of some definite renovation. I feel confused, or weary. I feel like this old barn looks. And then I’m reminded of this truth. Christ is the answer.

When I went through my season of sickness, when my body began to shut down and my spirit was crumbled into darkness, it was this truth that saved my life. I had to get back to the simplicity of this. I did not did everything else I thought I needed. Approval. Acceptance. Performance. Identity. Those are things the world seeks from itself and never find. When I came to realize that Christ is all sufficient for my needs, then i came to a greater conclusion. I am approved in Christ. Not to the world’s standards but to God’s. I am accepted on Christ’s behalf. His love for me is based on His performance on the cross and and in the tomb, not mine. My identity is in Him, established as clean, whole…even royal. He is my all in all. When I feel like a ‘?’ He is my ‘!’

You may be feeling lost, or broken. Maybe you’re feeling dissatisfied or burnt out. Times will come when you feel broken down and falling apart. I hope you can come to the same conclusion, that ‘Jesus + nothing else = EVERYTHING’. He is the answer. He’s the answer to what is missing. He is the answer to where you need to go. He is the answer to what is lost. And Him, all things are made new!