There’s a practice hitting it big among new-age biohacking community that got its start in Japan called “Shining -Yoku”, or Forest Bathing. The idea is that there are emotional, physical, and even spritual benefits to taking some time out to isolate yourself for a meditative walk in a forest. I actually absolutely.agree with this, however, this is something that pre-dares 1980’s Japanese trends. 

Genesis 2:8 records the narrative of God’s creation order that ‘(He) planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there He placed the man He had formed. The Lord God caused to grow out of the ground every tree pleasing in appearance and good for food…’. Forest bathing had been around since the beginning of creation! 

God created everything. God created vegetation. God created man. But, God created vegetation FOR man. Notice that the features of the trees and plants were made with attraction in mind, to be pleasing to the visual senses of man. Also, they were created with fruit that was tastefully matched to be pleasing to the taste buds newly created in man’s mouth. Everything about creation and the foreat was created with us in mind, to give us pleasure and healing. 

I find this to be true in my life. If I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or suffocated by modernization, I pick up and head to the woods. Just walking around in the serene beauty of nature and the unique quietness that it possesses, has a healing effect.  I feel a connection with my Creator. I enjoy the privacy of just walking and talking with Him and enjoying my surroundings. It literally takes loads off of my mind and provides a reprieve from stress that is unbeatable. 

I believe since the creation of the first man, Adam, it has been in mankind to connect or re-connect with oneself and with our Creator through His creation. It acts as a recalibration of sorts, a mini vacation. If you can find the avaialability, I encourage you to find your surroundings and enjoy some forest bathing for yourself.