As goes gut health so goes all health. Yes, gut health is that important. Our guts are home to millions of living creatures that function symbiotically to create a world of thriving health. With a healthy gut flora and bacteria community you can feel amazing and have sustained energy and metabolism. However. When that gut biome is out of whack it can cause havoc on you. It is vitally important that we keep things in top working order so that we feel and perform at our best. Who doesn’t want want to feel good?

Here’s my problem, I don’t like many probiotics. Yogurt, kimchi, and other fermented foods can be hard to get past the taste buds, though they are awesome for the gut. But, I have a very unhealthy gut. My body lacks an enzyme that is needed to properly breakdown and digest food. But there is a solution.

Kombuch! If you buy it the store you’ll pay just under $3 per 16 oz bottle. Ouch. So, I’ve become my own kombucha master. What is kombucha? Well quite simply, it’s fermented black tea. Sound gross? Absolutely not! Kombucha is made by adding a sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Left alone for a couple of weeks and you get a very nice fermentation. Then add a fruit of your choice, ferment a couple more days and you get a sparkling, crisp, fruity drink that leaves you relaxed and refreshed and feeling amazing! With an alcohol level as low as a glass of fruit juice, you don’t have to worry about intoxiction, but your gut will be partying for days. It’s a delicous, inexpensive, and easy way to restore a healthy gut biome. CHEERS!