I just read an amazing article about a husband and wife who live in Canada with their two small sons. Like so many people (including myself) they just had enough of the fast paced, material packed, stressed out lives they were living. They decided to sell everything and move temporarily a Budhist monistary high in the Himalayas. Extreme right? It gets crazier. Instead of flying from Canada to Malaysia or Korea, and then a quick hop into India, they decided to experience the distance on foot. They hiked to the coast, found a cargo carrier willing to accept small children, paid the fare and they were off. For months they traversed south east asia, making their way to their destination. 

Could you imagine the dangers? The risks? Taking along two small children and having nothing but what you can carry, not even sure just how long it will take…walking, boating, horseback. But, the father said something that resonated with me when asked why not just board a jet and make it quick and simple. (Why get on a plane in Canada, fall asleep and then wake up in Korea and miss so much of the journey?) And all of a sudden I get it. It’s not just about the desitination. 

We find ourselves in life, clamoring to avoid the risks and burdens of the journey. We’d like to (safely) get our ticket to Heaven, fall asleep, and wake up there. Haven’t you ever wondered why God doesn’t just do that? Just as soon as we make the decision to embrace His gift of eternal life, why not just get us there? I believe it’s partly because the journey is a part of the destination. The journey is the molding part of life that prepares us FOR the desitination. All of the inconveniences and annoyances. All of the heartbreaks and let downs. Yes, all of that. But also, all of the relationships. All of the celebrations. All of the really really cool stuff! It’s all included IN the journey. 

Stop your impatience. Stop focusing on the destination. You’re going to get there. Now, in the meantime start appreciating what you’re going to see and experience along the way as you continue on to your destination. Enjoy the journey!