I’m a certified personal trainer. When I declare that fact, most would equate that with training people’s physical bodies to reach specific health goals such as fat loss, muscle gain, body composition, etc. That would be an accurate assumption. But then, that’s where personal training falls short. Before I became a personal trainer I was a pastor, and still am. I’ve spent the majority of my life doing “spiritual” personal training. Training people’s spiritual facilities such as faith, hope and love. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that personal trainers fall short when we only focus of physical without never tapping into the spiritual and that pastors fall short when we train people spiritual but ignore their physical bodies and wellness. I under stand this blurs a fine line and that a certifies personal trainer would caution themselves not to create a “religion” infused training program. That’s not at all what I’m talking about. But let’s make for certain one single fact.

Physical people are spiritual beings. All people have a soul. Science tells us that within seven years, a healthy human being will have completely replaced ever cell in their body. If we were only physical beings, then logic would conclude that a man having served seven years of a 20 year prison sentence could appeal for release based on the fact that he’s not the person that was originally sentence. That person who was made up of those cells has long since died and he is a totally new person made up of new cells. However we know that’s silly thinking. Our souls are constant and eternal, and make up our identity. We are physical with physical DNA and we are spiritual with spiritual DNA. 

My goal is to understand and train both! One cannot exist without the other in life. Each one affects the other on a daily basis. When I am depressed, it has effects on my body. When I am joyous it has effects of my body. When I am injured it has effects of my spirit. When I am healthy it has effects on my spirit. We cannot seperate them. This is the ‘personal’ in personal training. I want to create an atmosphere for true holistic growth so that people can grow, heal, and maintain both physically and spritual and wrap up the loose ends of “personal trainer” AND “pastor”.