In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus declares that if “anyone puts his hand to the plow and looks back, he is not fit for the Kingdom of God.” (Rf: Lk 9:62) Most of us do not live agrarian lifestyles to which we are literally plowing ground with an animal like they did in the old days, but that doesnt mean there isn’t vitally important and relevent truth in this declaration. This is why I decided to name my blog and theme for fitness ‘fit for the kingdom’. Let’s examine some of these truths. 

1. The act of plowing is the engaging of something new. It is the first major act in planting for a harvest. It entails braeating up hard, fallow soil. How could we expect anything to grow in our lives or expect any bountiful harvest if we are planting on top of hard soil? We have to look and see that we may need to start the process of plowing into our lives. Break up the rocks and soil, kill out the thorns and weeds. This is a difficult process but in order to begin anything new, we have got to break up the old. 

2. Plowing is a commitment. I have not plowed with animals, but I have plowed enough ground with a tractor to know you want straight rows. And, the best way to ensure straight rows is to fix your focus on the end of the row from the beginning. Looking too closely in front of the plow will cause distraction and delineation. If you look back too long while you’re plowing forward, forget about it. You’ll be plowing circles before long! Once you put your hand to the task of change, commit to it. Don’t second guess, don’t doubt, don’t ease up. There is an end to the row your plowing and you have to keep going in order to find it. 

3. Being fit for the Kingdom transcends every aspect of our lives. The Kingdom represents the will of God in our lives that reign supreme. Jesus, in fact was speaking about discipleship and followership of Him and His teachings, but consider a commitment to the will of God in any aspect of your life. When it comes to new habits or lifestyle choices, eating better, exercising, or spiritual decisions; what type of results would come from constantly stopping or looking back? A person who is considered ‘fit’ for such a life that regards the will of God as supreme is a person who has resolve to stay the course! 

I want to be fit. I’m not just talking physically. I want to be fit for the Kingdom, to be able to endure and last through all of the hard, fallow seasons when it’s tough to break through and easy to give up. No looking back. No diversion. Busting through the rocks and stumps. I know that plowing is tough work, but I also know that it is the beginning of being able to grow my lush harvest of reward. 

Put your hand to the plow today. Fix your eyes on the end of the row. And don’t look back!