As a kid, I sat in a movie theater amazed at the ability of a team of droid surgeons to replace Luke Skywalker’s  hand with an artifical droid hand. Amazed, but disappointed that that could never happen; so I thought. Fast forward to 2016. 

Today, we aren’t just hacking our physical bodies for optimized performance, we’re seeing a growing movement in the realm of biohacking our genes with epigenetics- and biohacking our brains with nootropics and smart drugs. But what is exactly is “biohacking” anyway? Basically, it is manipulating, altering, or nurturing a change that improves optimal health and performance. I’m a biohacker. 

I have a rare autoimmune disorder that will never be cured. It’s a genetic deformation that is irreversible. So, literally, my DNA has changed and the result is a disorder. However, I’m a biohacker by way of epigenetics. Don’t let people tell you that your genes are set in stone. You can hack your genes! I’ve hacked my genes in order to put my autoimmune into remission without any use of drugs or pharma. 

I’m a mental biohacker. Though, I’ve not delved too deeply into this area for the sake of caution of messing with my brain ‘too’ much (Silicon Valley geeks are micro-dosing with LCD amd psilocybin mushrooms)…I’m not going there. But I thoroughly enjoy the mental performance effects of gabba, L-Theanine, macha root, ecytol-choline, and many others. Finding ways to relax, or to energize, or even create stronger neutopathways between my brain and my motor functions are just the beginning of optimizing brain function. Even just feeding it ketones has improved my memory, focus, and cognition. 

And lastly, I am daily biohacking my body. As I mentioned ketosis, I’m using this to biohack my endocrine system to lower my blood sugar, stave off leptin, and improve my overall energy while my body burns fat for fuel. I also biohack my sleep with blue light blocking devises to supress the production of serotonin and increase the production of melatonin. 

If you’ll keep your ears and eyes open to current trends, you’ll start to see the growing surge in popularity in this area. We are not destined to be unhealthy people, left to the sole care of big pharma to take care of us. Our bodies are wondrous and so is the world around us. The sky is the limit with ways to hack and optimize our own health and performance. If in 30+ years, Luke Skywalker’s hand can become reality, just where might we be in the next 30 years?