I recently appeared on an episode of The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is an international best selling author, top rated podcaster, and worldwiderequested speaker on the subject of healing your body with a low carb diet. He’s also a brother in Christ, a fellow Christian. 

Another very well known ‘healer’ is Ben Greenfield of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and author of “Beyond Training”. Ben advocates things like electro pulse magnetic therapy, earthing, suppliment in with herbs and adaptogens, and cold shower therapy. Like Jimmy, Ben is a fan of the ketogenic diet. Ben also professes to be a Christian. 

So why call these men heretics? Because that’s exactly what the world does to the men and women who reveal truths otherwise hidden or not revealed or currently accepted. Consider Galileo or Isaac Newton. We highly respect them now, but they were heretics in their day. What people like Jimmy and Ben are doing are challenging us to look beyond our small scopes of perspective to see greater truths and evidences, things that perhaps go against the norms of western civilized social acceptabilities. 

So this begs the question, “Can Christians look to alternative approaches to health and healing?” 

I would say, not only can we, but that we absolutely should! Our society has become so saturated with eastern philosophy and practices that we tend to deem anything out of our norm as pagan and dangerous. Honestly, there is much that is. But let’s stop for a moment to consider…

It was the prophet Elisha that commanded Naaman to dip himself 7 times in the Jordan River in order to heal an infectious skin disease. 

It was David who used music to ease the demonic oppression in the life of King Saul.

Essential oils such as myrrh, frakensense, olive oil and spikenard were considered medicines. 

It was the Apostle Paul who instructed Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach’s sake, perhaps understanding the effects of fermented foods on the micro gut biome. 

Consider that throughout the Bible we see health practices and healings that venture well outside of ‘our’ norm. Unfortunately we live in a society that believes health care is limited solely to lab coats, medicine charts, and prescriptions. We have got to start looking to alternative means of optimizing health; especially in a society that is only growing more and more unhealthy. 

Since a child, I have used the services of an Amish herbalist who uses iridology, muscle testing, and herbs to (not mask symptons) heal me. I also seek the help of a local chiropractor. I use adaptogens, herbs, and suppliments to help take care of my body as well. And, I believe as Christians, we can see the remarkable grace and beauty in the many ways God has given us to aid in our healing and recovery. As a matter of fact, it is even more beneficial as it is a help to better connect with God! God did not limit us to just one avenue of healing saying “just pray about it.” No, He gave us prayer AND a world of seemingly unlimited supply of health. 

And let’s make one more consideration. It was the resurrection of a dead man that healed us eternally. How alternative is that!? When all of Judaism accepted the law as a means to salvation, Jesus Christ became a heretic to the culture. To the Jew, a stumbling block and to the Greek, a fool. Yet, to the world, ultimate healing. 

It’s time that the Christian community not only begin to accept men like Jimmy Moore, but look to them for help. We need to not be afraid of labels like ‘paleo’ because of the evolutionary presupposition and look to the science of the nutrition. Yoga and Tian Chi don’t have to be tied to Buddhism.Christians can benifit from stretching, breathing, and meditating. (David sat and meditated upon the Word of the Lord.) 

I believe what we will find in many of those who have been called heretics is what those heretics of the past have come to be known as, heros. Lights shining in darkness, ahead of their time.