This week has been crazy for me. After having appeared on “The Livin Low Carb Show” with Jimmy Moore, my social media world has blown up. I’ve been contacted by people from all around the world, encouraging and thanking me for my message. Nearly every day this week, Jimmy has sent me a text or an e-mail of a listener giving a positive review, thanking him for having me on. It’s been so humbling and encouraging at the same time. Today Jimmy relayed to me that our interview together has had more positive feedback than any within the last six months. Now, thats a quarter million listeners!

Do they not know who I am? Of course they don’t know who I am! I’m a nobody, an unknown, a hayseed farm boy from a middle of no where small town. I don’t offer any scientific discovery or research from academia. I don’t rub elbows with well known folks, especially in the health industry. I didn’t even think I did that great appearing on Jimmy’s show! I tune in every week to hear people like Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Dominique D’Agistino, Mark Sission, Abel James, and Dr. Ron Westman. I tune in to listen to people that can educate me and teach me something new. Why then, would my interview resonate with so many?

Here’s my guess. Our brains may conect with information, but it’s our hearts that connect with inspiration. My story is not one of scientif discovery. Its a story of self-discovery. It’s a story of trial, heartache, reality, and redemption. It’s a story of death and resurrection. I was completely broken, physically and spiritually. That brokenness was a vital part of my process to becoming a new creature, a better one. I had to die, in essence, in order to be re-born. I recount that process and give hope to others that may be struggling going through a similar process. Death and Resurrection. It’s why the wolrd is drawn to a nobody, an unknown, a hayseed boy from a no where small town called Nazareth. Jesus fit the bill. Born to middle class parents, the son of a carpenter. As one man asked, “What good can come from Nazereth?” Jesus wasn’t a pharisee, nor was he of the social elite. But he had something no one else possessed; a willingness to die and rise again in order to give life and hope to all people. As the Apostle Paul said, “Without the resurrection our faith is in vain.” And indeed! Christ is the full essense of death and resurrection and for 2000 years He has reflected life and truth to a world that can’t stop looking at Him, either to love Him or revile Him. To the broken He represents life and hope. To the proud, He represents humility and judgement.

What the worlds needs today is more death and resurrection. The world needs to find their eternal hope in the salvation of a Nazerene Jew named Jesus Christ. And then, we need people who are willing to die to themselves that they may live for others, to conitinue that hope on this earth. It is what the world is longing for. People, stories, events, examples. My story is not MY story. It is the story of Jesus resurrecting me from the dead and giving me a new life, a life to give to others. THAT story gets great reviews and great feedback. And, I can only hope that I’m counted worthy enough and that my death and resurrection can be exemplified enough to continue to point even more poeple to the cross, to the empty tomb, and to living a better life here on this earth.