Long before Keto OS was available to consumers I had adopted a diet called ‘ketogenic’ that allows my body to burn stored body fat as fuel rather than burning carbs and storing fat on my body. It’s great and I love it. That’s no secret. However as anyone knows, nutritional ketosis can be tricky. You may deal with the dreaded keto flu. That interim period of your body switching and adapting to a new fuel source,  getting kicked out of ketosis by having too many carbs, or just no getting the elevated ketones desired. I’ve dealt with all of this. And then in walks this Keto OS. 

Hear me when I say, I despise ‘products’ that pitch a promise of life transformation, pills, gimmicks, and fads. I will run quickly in the opposite direction. I am also very intolerant of things I put in body. Those who know me know I am extrengent when it comes to eating clean, while, and organic. Usually if I cannot pronounce, it won’t get through my pie hole. 

I began to take Keto OS because it wasn’t any of those things. I have been able to produce ketones just by manipulating my macronutrients and how I eat. However, the ingredient of Keto OS, betahydroxybuterate (yes I can pronounce that) is simply the result of ketones in my blood. It’s sort of the goal I’m going for. Its not a gimmick or over the top laced promise of a suppliment company. Its just ketones. I immediately fell in love with this stuff so much that I decided to get in on it as a provider, really, so I could get.more for myself easier. Plain and simple. 

“Wait, you’re a provider but you won’t sell it?” That’s right. I’m not a salesman. My goal is to help people thrive with a diet that works for them.as I believe the ketogenic diet is an amazing protocol for dietary excellence, I aim to coach to the person, not the product. I also know that a person who follows keto, doesn’t need exaginous ketones in order to be great at ketosis or reaching their goals. I did for a long time, so I know. So it begs the question, “why do I think you should buy some?” Glad you asked. 

If you’re ketogenic …

1. Keto OS will stave off the keto flu

If you’re thinking of cutting out carbs and eating high fat, that’s awesome. But beware, a small price that you may have to pay is a few days of brain fog, lethargy, exhaustion, fatigue, and moodiness. I’ve experienced it a number of times and it’s awful. I actually swore of ketosis until I found this product…no keto flu EVER again. 

2. Keto OS puts me back in

No one is perfect and no one eats perfect…especially me..when on the road or vacationing, or even just out with friends, it happens…you fall off the high fat wagon. I’ve tipped the macro scale just enough to swing myself out of ketosis and back to carb burning. With a small scale of self hatred and regret the following morning I could rest assured that I have a packet of Keto OS in the cabinet. Within the hour I’m back in and feeling great. 

3. It gets me high.

No, not that kind of high. It helps raise ketones levels which in return help to elevate my energy levels. It can be defficult to get ketone levels as high as you’d like merely eating for it. I stay pretty active, which means I burn through quite a bit of my ketones. Keto OS brings those levels up! Even after a morning crossfit session I find myself running nightly 5k’s just to brurn off the extra energy. 

4. I can’t imagine mornings without it

I’ve changed my morning routine by drinking bulletproof style coffee.a brewed cup of regular coffee, a pad of butter, a teaspoon of MTC oil, a packet of stevia, and a packet of Keto OS. Blend on high and enjoy. This new morning tradition has taken my day, every day, to a new level. The effects on my energy, focus, mental clarity…the feeling of big super charged and ready to go all day long is my new norm. It’s quite amazing. 

These are the reasons I use Keto OS as a ketogenic protocol. I could do very well simply being nutritionally keto. I believe that’s the best way. I believe a person ought to master that. I also believe you ought to do what maxes out your optimized health and makes you feel even more amazing too! So, when people ask me, I tell them honestly why I take it and that perhaps the same reasons may be adequate for them as well. I hope I can prevent the keto flu. I hope I can keep them energized. I hope I can help them reach their goals. And I believe that is what sells it. That way, I can remain a provider and not a salesmen. 

Check out my website over at www.ketochurch.com  for more information or if youre looking to purchase some for yourself then head on over to www.ketopastor.com and sign up as a customer.