There was a day when you’d find me, arms loaded, rewards card punched, and walking out of GNC ready for killer workouts and huge sweat sessions. I’d have the latest and greatest stack of aminos, protein, pre-workout, post-workout, fat burners, you name it. Tons of money and little to show for it. I finally come to the realization that all of my supplementation was geared for the workout. No other part of my day was really focused on. My diet was pretty decent but I paid no attention to sleep, no attention to exercise efficacy, no attention to proper hormone engagement. One day I woke up and realized, I’m buying supplements to fuel the smallest part of my success.

Total truth, gym time is not the most important place to build muscle and burn fat. And to take that even further, it’s not even the whole picture of the workout. The workout doesn’t stop when you leave the gym. As I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize the workout never stops. So, I’ve totally reworked the way I supplement, instead of stacking for an hour or 2 in the gym, I’m stacking for all day and all night.

I never have taken testosterone supplements in exaginous forms. It is, however, important to me to create elevations in my testosterone. So how do I do that? Heavy squats, and other compound lifts, mixed with high intense intervals and hill sprints. (I don’t get my heart rate up to 195 for the sake of burning off some calories. Thats totally and purely for the hormone response it will trigger for fat burn and muscle building) I’m now working out for my supplements. Not the other way around. I can trigger a hormonal domino effect in the gym, but that’s only where it starts. Now, I eat to continue it the toppling of dominos. High fat meals provide the fat necessary to transport those hormones. Next, I sleep hard. I take more exaginous supplements for sleep than for anything. Why? Because with my endocrine system triggered into action, and fat readily available for the results, deep REM sleep will begin the production of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). It’s syncopated body building.

I stopped taking pre-workout supplements.I started nurturing my body to do it on its own. I’m ketogenic, whclich means I’ve trained my body to use stored body fat instead of glucose for fuel. This gives me more energy, before during and afterward, than I could ever have found in a nitric oxide, caffiene, beta-alanine drink.

The shear fact of being ketogenic has also taken away any need for anti-inflammatory supplements, fat burners, and massive amounts of protein.

You’d be surprised how just cleaning out your gut and restoring a healthy gut micro biome will increase your energy levels. What a great suppliment!

My advice to anyone looking functionally healthy is to re-think your supplement regimen. Maybe it’s time to look at the much bigger picture and start to rearrange how you approach optimized performance.