I know I may seem odd. A preacher. A personal trainer. A church planter. A health coach. A pastor. A cross trainer. Just as you accept one part of my life as being spiritual and ministerial, the other part of my life seems to be the other end of the spectrum. What does a man of God have to do with fitness, diet, and nutrition? 

My example for ministry is not another preacher or pastor. Granted, there are many who I love and adore and look up to. Several are my mentors have invested heavily in my life. However, my ministry and my life is one that strives to immulate only one, Jesus Christ. Jesus was beyond contraversal and radical in His time. Just when you thought He was going right, He’d go left. When you thought He’d say one thing, He’d wind up saying something else;only way more profound than you even imagined. He left everyone curious, and bewildered yet impressed and attracted to Him. 

As preachers we are taught and trained to speak as orators of the message of Christ through the Bible. Seminaries teach us expository, and exigetical preaching. We have schools of evangelism and preaching; which have helped to craft many fine speakers of theology. However, I believe stopping there is missing half of the Gospel. 

I live to speak of Christ as the way of salvation to a people that He died for, a people that He loves. But I also live to, not only speak to them, but to heal them. You see, we put great emphasis on the words of Jesus and then neglect the actions of His hands. Look at the narratives again! Jesus is spending His time healing sick people! He cares, not only about their eternal affairs, but also how they’re getting along in this life. He heals the blind, the deaf, the mute, and the palsy. He touches men with leprosy. He causes the paralyzed to walk. We feeds the hungry. He is nurturing physical health! 

Pastors today are not trained to function nor facilitate in the realm of physical health. Many pastors are, themselves, in need of functional health and healing. I cannot seperate the ministry of Jesus into physical and spiritual healing, and choose only one. I believe it’s both. Of course, I’m not playing the role of doctor. I’m not diagnosing diseases nor performing operations. BUT I am studying the physiology and nutrition of the body and applying that education just as I’m applying my Biblical education. In the book of James, it’s interesting to note that he prescribes to anyone who is sick (among the church) to have oil rubbed on them. This isn’t ceremoniously applied, this is the medicinal use of essential oils that were commonly used to treat sicknesses. That was a time when there were no board certified physicians taking insurance to see patients everyday. The church HAD to be responsible for seeing to the sick. 

During the middle ages, when the plague hit Europe and thousands were dying, people were leaving the cities to seek refuge. It was the sisters who stayed behind and nursed the terminally ill. 

Jesus was a preacher and a healer. Jesus was one and the same. I find myself now, in a ministry that is modeled after that example. I care about your heart and soul. I also care about your diabetes and cholesterol. I care about your depression and addictions. I also care about your neuronal pathways and how they’re functioning to fight against your depression and addictions. I care about where you are going to spend eternity. I also care about how you live and funtion until you meet eternity. I see the love of Jesus, not only in what He said, but in who He touched and healed. Trent Holbert:Fit for the Kingdom is purposed to bring freedom and healing…both to the soul and the body. To be the mouth AND hands of Jesus Christ.