We finally made the leap from public school to homeschool for our 2 young boys. It’s a decision we had made the day we brought our firstborn home from the hospital. However, life circumstances never allowed it to happen until this year. Granted, there’s not nearly as many homeschool dads as there are moms filling the role of teacher, I have a teaching background and a knack for presenting information in applicable ways. I rather enjoy it. My wife is the paper grader and she develops the lesson plans. It’s a beautiful team design. 

When it came to the decision to homeschool it was based on many different factors. One that I will touch on today is certainly not one you will hear from many people and I understand my approach is rather unorthodox. However, I believe my education and experience in personal biohacking and optimizing physical and mental ability has given me the advantage of utilizing such methods to enhance my children’s ability to learn. 

While in the public school setting, my son’s were confined to a chair and desk for the majority of the day, only able to get rapid blood flow and major oxygen uptake from mixing with the general population during short gym classes and recess. Their breakfast consisted of carbs and sugars. Their little brains were crashing before they ever really got a good take off. 

I’m not too worried about breakfast. They either get protein or they fast until midmorning when they get peanut butter. They get a mild ketogenic morning that helps their focus and energy. 

We don’t sit much. We will often stand while we learn and pace. Keeping blood flow and oxygen are crucial. We also have a midmorning Kenpo session. I’ll use just about any reason to keep them out of their seats! 

This week we are starting a new technique for relaxation and mental focus. My oldest gets frustrated and stressed so easily when he feels pressure to learn what he doesn’t understand.  I introduced him to diaphragmatic breathing and using the Wim Hof method of breathing relaxation. Along with that he is listening to binaural beats that are design to increase his Beta receptors in his brain for enhanced cognition benefits. Binaural beats is simply a way to stimulate the auditory nervous system using 2 different frequencies that give the brain the illusion of a third beat (the binaural beat) and harmonize with that frequency. It sounds kooky but it works. Everything operates off of frequencies. This is a science we’ve used for many years. Why not use it in education? 

I love the idea of using safe and effective methods for benefiting my childrens’ ability to learn new things. I believe some of these things could revolutionize they way we see early childhood education. God knows it’s benefited me in adulthood education. There’s nothing ‘standardized’ about education and just like biohacking, every person is different and must be treated to their specific designs and funtional needs.