This is not something I would ever speak of during my present involvement. Fasting is a personal spritual discipline that Christians follow as a way to consecrate one’s self to prayer, focus, and concentration. I have practiced this discipline for many years and can attest to much gleaning and spiritual growth from it. The longest I’d ever fasted was a couple of weeks or so. Most of the time I stay around the 7 day mark. As you read this, I am now passed that mark. 

I do not speak of my activity with gloating or seeking pity. On the contrary I only speak of it as encouragement and thought. For me this is partly an n=1 experiement, and most assuredly a spiritually felt purpose for a time in my life to engage in a season of shear delight in my Lord. A drawing near. But let me explain my n=1. 

In the past, when fasting, the first day was always sort of dificult. Though, the days got harder or hardest around day 2 or 3. As a carb burner my body was fighting against the sudden drop of glucose. By day 4 or 5 things started to pick back up as the ketones began to flow rapidly through my blood stream and into brain. I’d drop lots of weight and feel sluggish. The sluggish feeling came from the ‘keto flu’ as the drop of water weight took with it built up sodium stores from the carbs. Fasting was never really something I looked forward to because of the heavy demand on my body. Soon after the fast I would quickly gain all the weight back and then some. Sadly many Christians wrongly assume that a part of fasting SHOULD be to suffer. This isn’t a biblical idea. Penance is not biblical. Repentance certainly is, and that is so that the Lord will take our suffering, not expect us to punish ourselves. But, fasting does have many physiological benefits that enhance our prayers and seasons of concecration. The ketones as I’ve spoken of before are mental enhancers! Perhaps THIS is why God chose to couple fasting with prayer.

I am 7 days in on a 30 day fast. Perhaps longer but time will tell. This time around I went in fully keto adapted and I’d like to share the difference I’ve experienced this time and youre just going to have to take my word for what you’re about to read. 

1. I’ve never been hungry.  Not the first day, nor the second. Seven days in and I’ve never been hungry. My body was already restricting carbs and my blood sugars were in a fasting state. My grelin and leptin hormones were already regulated and so, I’ve never had to fight hunger pangs. 

2. I’ve sustain massive energy. Actually, its risen. My ketones are through the roof and now I’m having trouble getting to sleep because my body would rather go run another 5k. 

3. I’m still running and lifting. I’m still doing all the same exercising and feel great. I actually put in a heavy leg day on day 5 that has really made me sore, but a good sore!

4. I’m not losing weight. When you’re already as lean as I am, you don’t want to see the scales going down. To see the scales go down would indicate muscle loss. Ketones actually protect the body from this. No food and muscle maintaining. I like it!

5. Enjoyment. Yes, this is the most enjoyable fast I’ve ever been on. In the past a lengthy fast would be accompanied with gloom and mournfully repentant prayer posture. This fast I feel rejuvenated and excited. Sheer elation in my prayer life. 

Ketosis has changed fasting for me in ways I could never have imagined. God created the body to run on ketones in the absence of carbohydrates and I believe quite possibly for this reason. I look forward to the next 27 days and plan on reporting back even greater things.