As sun sets tonight I have successfully completed 15 days without food and am halfway to meeting my goal of 30 days. What does a day look like after having had no food for 15 days?

I woke up, drank some coffee, grabbed by chainsaw and headed for the farm. I spent the day loading and hauling field stone, chainsawing tree stumps, and cleaning up around the farm to get ready for winter. I’ve stayed active the entire day. I can admit that I’m not as energetic as usual but that can be expected. 

I’ve only lost 10 lbs of weight. I say weight because that includes water, intestinal and gut contents, some fat and a little muscle. Overall, that’s very minimal and I give credit to the ketones. 
I’m excited for the next 15 days and anticipate much to happen. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this fast and have not been hungry. It has been easy and delightful. My emotional state is great and I’m spending much time in prayer and meditation. I would say this is a solid win thus far.