For years I have practiced fasting as a means to optimize my prayer life and relationship with God. The Bible teaches it, Jesus exemplified it, and I followed. Yet, it always seemed hard and at times downright painful. On average I would fast for seven days. Nothing magical, just a number I felt good about. I always struggled with hunger and sever bouts of temptation which seemed counterproductive to the focus on the Lord I’d sought. I rejoiced when it was all over and I could go back to eating again!

Jimmy Moore is an international best selling author and famous podcast host, but I call him a friend. Jimmy has lent much of his time to coach me in ketosis and help further my education. He’s spoken at my church, hosted me on his “Livin La Vida Low Carb” podcast and featured my autoimmune disorder as a topic on his “Keto Talk with Jimmy and the Doc” podcast. 

I first encountered listening to Jason Fung, I believe, while listening to Able James-The Fat Burning Man. I went on to hear him on Jimmy’s show, and then Dave Asprey, and then Dr. Daniel Pompa…it seemed the list just kept going. Everyone was interviewing him. Dr. Fung has shown a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the body and the effects of fasting. 

These two men have prepared me for my greatest extended fast, 30 days, for which I am on day 16 as I wrote this. On Tuesday the 18th, these two guys have a book coming out, “The Complete Guide to Fasting.” I’m one of the blessed who gets to read this before the rest of the world. Wow. I have found a new manual for fasting. Without Jimmy and Jason and their education on ketosis and fasting I don’t know if I’d have been as successful. 

Physically this fast has been very different. I’ve never been hungry. I haven’t dropped tons of weight. I haven’t been tempted or grouchy. I haven’t had headaches or lethargy. I haven’t been dizzy. I HAVE enjoyed it though! I’ve been more focussed. I’ve been more active. I’ve been able to concentrate on my reason for fasting, my relationship with the Lord. And THAT alone has changed everything. My wife and I are on the same journey, following what Jimmy and Fung have outlined in their book. Our marriage is better. Our relationship with eachother has grown. My church has changed….we have other people fasting with ease now because of what they’ve seen in us! Our life is seeing enormous breakthroughs, it’s quite unbelievable. I don’t want to stop. And though I still have 14 more days to go, I am so excited to see what else happens. 

I owe so much debt of gratitude for the writing and teaching of this book and these two guys. If you have ever struggles to fast or been afraid, please read this when it comes out. Whether it’s for physical health benefits (and there are many) or for spiritual health benefits (even more), I hope you will give yourself a chance and prepare your self the right way, and experience fasting for yourself.