It seems as though the idea of renovation has overtaken our society. Everyone is up cycling their old junk, turning it into new and improved wares. Television is dedicated to reality shows that exemplify renovation with shows like Fix It Upper, Barnyard Builders, Salvage Dogs, Renovation Reality, and Rehab Addict. Personally, these are some of my favorite shows! I’m a huge upcycler. I love to renovate old worn out things and make something new again. Perhaps this has become problematic to our culture, though.

Renovating can become tiresome and unappealing rather quickly. When it comes to life, I get bored and feel dismal with always trying to “patch walls”. Whether suffering through bills and feeble finances, dissatisfaction with our jobs and career choices, or struggling to find true fulfillment in life, simply renovating where we are is depressing! God has called us to be INNOVATORS!

Where would we be as a country without the innovators of the past? People like, George Washington Carver, The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, or Henry Ford? Today we see examples in folks like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Apple, NASA and Google. These are people and organizations that weren’t satisfied with renovation. It would have been easy for Henry Ford to renovate the failing horse buggy industry, yet he innovated a new way of traveling. Innovation is about new and exciting ideas. It’s a way of stepping outside of the normal, everyday way of doing life, and discovering a better way. Renovation restores the old. Innovation creates the new.

I love innovation. I believe I have an innovative mindset. I’ve always led my life to shoot for big goals that weren’t yet made by others. I’ve planted a church in a community that had never seen it done. Iv’e started a drug addiction recovery organization where none had previously existed. I opened a gym, the first of its kind in a community that didn’t have one. I’m a pastor with a certification in personal training because I believe the best way to lead people to better health is spiritual AND physical. Innovation does not frighten me. It excites me.

You are destined to innovate. It’s in you. Genesis 1:1 teaches us that in the beginning “God created”, and that we are “created in God’s image”.  That means that we are created to be creative! But, what is holding you back? Fear of failure? Lack of faith? Worry about what critics would say? These are the things that innovators overcome in order to innovate. Failure is going to happen. Edison once said, he didn’t fail at creating the lightbulb but found 99 ways how not to make it. Failure is not always bad. Critics will always be there. As Theodore Roosevelt stated in his 1910 address in Paris, “It’s not the critic who counts..but the doer of deeds.” Or at least consider this; if your goals are lofty enough to shoot for the moons, even if you miss you’ll still clear the mountains! Most people are aiming just for the mountains and consequently find themselves unsuccessful. The world needs innovators. The world needs you. And you need you to be an innovator. It’s in you, just crying to get out, You need this. Stop patching walls, and start building skyscrapers! The days of renovation are over and innovation has come.