What is the number one reason I see people failing to reach and maximize their fitness and life goals? You’d think of answers like, ‘not committed to the long vision’, or ‘weak with temptations’. Perhaps you’d think maybe it was ‘too hard’. What if I told you, what I’ve seen isn’t a physical or a mental issue at all? It’s a spiritual one.

Let’s start by laying the ground work. Here’s what I call a 180 Concept. We are not physical bodies with spirits. We are spiritual beings with bodies. Bodies that deteriorate daily, age, and eventually die and decompose. However, ‘who’ we are, as spirits, continue on. If we were merely physical beings, then anyone accused of a crime at least seven years after the crime was committed could and should go free, seeing that by that time every cell in their body has since died and regenerated all new ones. Physically speaking, that would not be the same person.

You are more than what you see in the mirror, and my experience with failure has been a failure to connect with what is deeper than flesh and blood.

1. A failure to connect with your identity.
What you do is not who you are. Your job…that’s not you. That’s just what you do. Your relationships, thats not who you are. That’s what you are. I’m a husband and a father. I wasn’t always that. Many people fail because they’ve put their identities in what they look like, or better yet, want to look like- or how they perform. You were created with a very unique identity that transcends all of that.

2. A failure to connect with your purpose.
You have a purpose. Not a job. You were created for a reason. It’s in you and it longs to get out and be lived out. When you’re not connecting with that purpose you will tend to seek it out in other places, things to use to fill the void. Destructive things.

3. A failure to connect with your Creator.
Yes, their is a Creator and you are a part of His design. I don’t have a ‘hoping’ faith in his existence, I have experiential faith. If I were to tell you that the stove burner is hot, you could take my word for it and have faith in that truth. However, someone else could also articulate a case that it is not on, nor hot, and change your faith. That’s the effects of hoping faith. Then again, you could touch the burner for yourself. Now, no amount of rhetoric from either side will matter, you have experiential faith. (I’ve touched the burner.) He is real and He desires connection with His creation; a creation that He created with a beautiful, eternal identity and purpose. It’s certainly difficult to connect with identity and purpose without connecting to the One who created them.

4. A failure to connect with truth.
All roads do not lead to the same place. Unfortunately, there is a heaping pile of regretful travelers that have learned that the hard way. Being willing to trust in, or believe a lie is death to the soul. Truth is truth, and the truth will set you free. The truth about your identity…the truth about your purpose…the truth about your Creator…the truth about your eternity. These are things that truly set us free. It is not in our diet, or our physique, or our performance. All fleeting devices of a physical world.

Failing to connect with these four spiritual connections have been the greatest downfall of any and all of those I’ve worked with over the years, including myself. I’ve been to the bottom with the weight of the world on top of me. I circled the drain, teetering on worse things that lie ahead. It was only through realizing and understand these concepts, and carrying out these connections did I discover everything I truly needed to save and optimize my life physically, emotionally, AND spiritually.

Seek out these connections for yourself. Reach out to me for details on how to find them and I will gladly help make these connection real for you.