Before you read this, let me give a reader discretion advised clause here. Hide the children and erase your internet history afterward. Ok, it’s not that bad, but, I’m going to probably make you judge me a little. I’m a biohacker. Now, that word is becoming a buzz word and cliche and soon to go the way of the man bun. But, unlike the man bun, biohacking has a dignified place in our lives. Simply put, to bio-hack ones body is to tap into natural biological prevention, maintenance, healing and optimization, using various modalities and techniques. As a biohacking personal trainer, I tend to experiment… a lot. Some for my own health. Some for the health of others. I can’t suggest someone else do anything that seems strange if I haven’t put it to the test first. I can tell you within the past month I have ingested things with labels that read “not for human consumption”. I see that as a subtle suggestion. In Silicon Valley, I’d be seen as normal, or even boring. In my own camp, that of also being a Baptist pastor and church leader, I’m viewed a little unorthodox. (However, just last night I taught my church how to fast without hunger to better optimize their prayer and fasting experience.)

In the last couple of months I’ve done some new experiments.

I’ve started drinking mushroom coffee. I am really pleased to say the least. With just 10% of the caffeine of regular coffee, I still feel the jolt. The chaga mushroom is known for its energy and the lions mane for mental focus. I’ve tried it bulletproof (adding MCT oil, and butter), french vanilla, and straight. All of it has been good. Check out They provide a really nice product. Sort of a full bodied, nutty flavor.

I’ve been playing around with some nootropics as well. A nootropic is a brain enhancing supplement, not a smart drug. Alpha GPC, phenubut, GABBA, these are just some toys in my cabinet at the moment. I’ve been firing up my brain and running on all cylinders. It’s improving my mental workload capacity, as well as my physical work load capacity. My brain isn’t tiring and so my body stays motivated to keep going as well. Isn’t it amazing that ‘so as a man thinks…so is he’?

Also, I’ve been playing around with manual lemphatic flushing massage. I’ll speak more about this later in another blog, but it’s really cool. Your lemphatic system is responsible for keeping you from getting sick and diseased, right? Well did you know that this system is pumpless? Unlike the circulatory system, which has a pump (your heart), the lymphatic fluid can actually build up and even get stopped up, causing a myriad of problems to our health. I should know, I no longer have two parts to my lemphatic system, my tonsils and adenoids, So, you can actually massage the fluid through the system as therapy. Plus, it feels nice.

I’m getting ready to interview one of my biggest influences, Ben Greenfield, on Monday. Google him. He’s on top of the world when it comes to biohacking, fitness, and triathlete and endurance competition. Because of Ben, I find myself venturing into realms I’d never dreamed of… like shooting coffee up my butt. Yep, you read that right. It’s called a coffee enema. As I studied this, I found out that there’s lots of things people shoot up their butt for health reasons. The obvious one is saline, as a diarrhetic, to get things moving. Apparently though, evaporated milk is also common. But why coffee? Coffee has been used as a detoxifier. It contains alkaloids that stimulate the production of an enzyme called Glutathione. Glutathione is used by the liver to make the detox pathways run, enabling toxins to be flushed by the body. So basically, giving yourself a coffee enema is a sure fire way to speed up the detoxification process in your body, increasing bile production and feeling way better immediately. Who knew the brain wasn’t the only thing coffee has the ability to wake up?

I believe the world of health is changing at the speed of light right before our eyes. I believe that is true for fitness as well training and conditioning. Hacking your health is not seen a taboo as it used to be. As a matter of fact, I stay quite busy with people searching me out for training and advice just to keep them from having to go the traditional routes of health and wellness. I believe as strange as a lifestyle as I lead, and as unorthodox as I may seem, I’m on the right road. And as I marry these together with ministry, I say look out…you’ll know my name.