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Having the faith to walk upon the water.


Peter was the only disciple willing to step out of the boat and do something no other human had ever done before. He walked on water. As the Lord Jesus bid him to come, in Peter’s mind, it must’ve seemed safer with Jesus on the waves than without Jesus in the boat. The other eleven disciples, huddled in fear and dismay, must’ve thought Peter was crazy to attemp such a thing. Isn’t it, however, what Jesus is bidding us all to do? The boat of “safety” is no place for a follower of Christ. He is calling each of us to live in such a way, that what seems safe, casual, or predictable is essentially more dangerous and degradating than the seemingly foolish actions of following him! I’m going to speak as one who has walked upon the water. I’m also going to speak as one who is currently standing on the water.

What do I mean by that? Nearly a decade ago, I followed God in a vision to plant a church. I’d never done it. Heck, I’d never seen it done! With a wife and two babies at home, I resigned from a healthy, lucrative church position to step out of my boat of familiarity and comfort to follow Jesus into waves deeper than I had imagined. I resigned on a Sunday. I was jobless and homeless on Monday. That following morning I drove around looking for work and a home. I can tell you that in the days and years to come, as I found myself hanging out ouside of my boat, walking upon the waves of shear faith and dependance, I saw God move in ways I could never have imagined. The remarkable stories of Moses, Daniel, Elijah, even the disciples all became more real because for the first time, miracles in my life had become normal and regular. I identified with the feats and acts of biblical proportions that, up until tha point, I had only read in Sunday School lessons. It was that season of walking upon the water that gave me taste for that type of living, causing anything less in my life to become dissatisfying, to say the least.

Fast foward to today. My family has again sensed a very real calling into a vision of God’s plan for our lives. Only this time, He is calling us out further, and deeper than we’ve ever gone before. As our family prepares for a new season of church planting, we realize that we are headed for deeper, shark infested waters. No longer we will have the familiarity of being indigenous to our surroundings, with family and friends to help us. We are moving miles away into a location where we know no one. Not a soul. We’re going to a place that is entirely different than what we are ust to, into an area of incongruent values and lifestyles. And, to do this, we have had to shed every piece of possible flotation devise. Behold, how God has called us to walk upon the water this time.

We, in the recent months, have essentially paired down to the bare essentials. We started by selling our home, giving away the majority of our belongings, and moving into a 250 sq. ft. camper. Yes, this caused a circus type attention, whereby we became an oddity to our community. It got worse. We began to pair down more, and more, and more. Selling this…giving away that. And, so now, here we stand. Virtually nothing more than the clothes on our backs. We have commited to our church to go, having transitioned our leadership to function in a way as to send us as missionaries. It’s done. And also, having committed to our new location to come. I’ve broken my parents heart. The die has been cast. Our farm is sold. In a couple of days I will travel down and spend a week looking for a new home and a new job. As I am away, my wife and children will be packing our belongings, cleaning out the camper, and moving into a borrowed apartment owned by our church. By the time I return, we will be homeless. The foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nests…we will have no place to call our own where we may lay our heads. If the Lord doesn’t show up, we sink. 

THAT is the point. THAT is walking on water. THAT is what He has called us in to. We will either walk by faith or by sight. Faith saves. Sight sinks. Even as I write this, our decision has caused many friends to turn into distant skeptics. We are in a position of isolated abandonment. No longer do we have the friends, the family, the denominational support that we thrived in for so long. Many, or if not most, of them are still in the boat- looking at us with fear and dismay. Yet, we still hear our Savior bidding us to come.

So how does it feel to be walking on the water? You want to know the truth? A little stressful. To think it would be otherwise is sensational and idealistic. This was Jesus’ warning about following Him. It is NOT easy. It’s timultuous. At times, persecuting. All the while, challenging to stay focused and faithful. There are times I feel myself sinking. Everytime though, that sinking is met with a pulling up from my Savior’s hand. It’s definitely a feeling of adventure and it most certainly has a faith building component. You may ask, “you’re walking on water, how much more faith can you have?” Well, I believe there is a exorbant jump in faith even after the time spent walking on water as we are returned back to the boat. You see, after Jesus settles us into a new life, with our needs met and lives blessed, we will then take a deep breath and cry out with the same excitatory relief as the disciples to say “Surely You ARE the Son of God!” We will look in hindsight and say, “Did we really just do that!?” “Did you see what He did!” God, You REALLY are amazing!” That hypertrophic effect on our faith will initiate a spiritual growth as we’ve never seen before!

I am glad to be walking on water at the moment. It is the greatest sense of adventure I’ve ever lived. Total uncertain certainty! He’s got this! He’s going to protect, provide, and press us on to greater things. I know this, because my eyes are not on the waves. They remain fixed upon Him, the author and finisher of my faith. So, I’m asking you, to where…to what is He bidding you to, that you might be forced to step in to – that will require you to leave all that is safe, comfortable, or familiar? What safety nets are you holding on to? How can you know faith unless you step out of your boat, and tread water under your feet?

Epissode 6. Experiencing and Overcoming Dry Seasons w/Danny O’Toole


When it comes to experiencing spiritually dry seasons in life, it can be frustrating and downright discouraging. Listen to today’s podcast as Danny O’Toole and I delve into ways to prevent, overcome these seasons and get back into the swing of things!

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Curtis Woods


Check out my interview with one of the coolest guys I know, Curtis Woods. In this podcast, we go deep into some of the issues affecting leaders in the ministry. Curtis is totally passionate about helping others reach optimal spiritual and physcial health.

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Never meet your hero. They’re messed up more than you are.


There’s an old adage that says “never meet you heroes”. Everyone has heroes, right? I mean, sort of? Isn’t there a person or persona that we all look up to and idolize? As a kid my hero was Bruce Lee. (If you’re a guy) don’t act like he wasn’t yours too. Or perhaps yours was someone like John Wayne or Wonder Woman. We can idolize these larger than life figures, well, because we will never meet them. Fictional characters can be perpetuated into whatever we like them to be and dead characters, like wine, only get better with time. Then there’s the real to life, seemingly large than life figures that we’ve spent time trying to emulate in our own lives. We see these people as who we want to be or be like. They’re successful, they have it all together, why, they are untouchable! If it were ok with our spouse, maybe we’d even hang a poster of them over our bed and dream up the perfect scenario of what we would do if we ever met them.

(I once wrote Paula Abdul a letter when I was 10. I lied and said I was very sick and hoped she’d visit me. She didn’t)

So, what if we could meet them? What is it about the afore mentioned adage that beckons a warning to prevent this disastrous occasion? What’s wrong with meeting our heroes? The answer… “There is none righteous, no not one.” Romans 3:10 In our eyes, they only seem so.

I’ve met many of my heroes. Over the course of the years, I’ve developed an odd knack for connecting with larger than life individuals. I have no idea how, it just happens. I’ve hung out with professional athletes, mega-pastors, internet celebrities, best selling authors, CEO’s of million, and billion dollar corporations, you name it. Many of which Ive found myself idolizing and emulating. Here’s the one take away from my experiences…they’re all flawed. This is the thing we don’t want to have to face. It destroys our image of them. I’ve found most of them to be narcissistic, neurotic, having tendencies to lie and over exaggerate, and possessing severe emotional or mental handicaps. I’m not saying they’re fake. I’m saying, I focussed on or was only allowed to see that which was impressive to me and others. However the truth is this, these men are screwed up, flawed men, who have crafted one thing very well. They got good enough at something, that it took the attention off of the bad things. Our heroes are not really deserving of that title. And, better yet, they don’t want it. They’d more readily eschew such attention than be clothed in it.

I’m not saying not to have heroes or people that you look up to. Remember, though, that they are your hero for a reason, their craft; not because they have it all together or are even a good person. Babe Ruth had a drinking problem, Bruce Wayne was bat feces crazy at times, my musical hero Tom Petty smokes too much weed, and every one of the Apostles that Jesus called to be His world changers had deep seeded issues each to their own. Peter was impulsive. James and John had indignant tempers. Judas…so yeah. So, my advise is to admire, but do so from a distance. If given the chance to finally meet your hero, DON’T. Just settle for an autograph.

and P.S.

Meeting your hero will not make you best friends. Your hero meets their fans everyday. In reality, you’re just another one and that doesn’t make them stuck up.


Could your failure be a lack of connection?


What is the number one reason I see people failing to reach and maximize their fitness and life goals? You’d think of answers like, ‘not committed to the long vision’, or ‘weak with temptations’. Perhaps you’d think maybe it was ‘too hard’. What if I told you, what I’ve seen isn’t a physical or a mental issue at all? It’s a spiritual one.

Let’s start by laying the ground work. Here’s what I call a 180 Concept. We are not physical bodies with spirits. We are spiritual beings with bodies. Bodies that deteriorate daily, age, and eventually die and decompose. However, ‘who’ we are, as spirits, continue on. If we were merely physical beings, then anyone accused of a crime at least seven years after the crime was committed could and should go free, seeing that by that time every cell in their body has since died and regenerated all new ones. Physically speaking, that would not be the same person.

You are more than what you see in the mirror, and my experience with failure has been a failure to connect with what is deeper than flesh and blood.

1. A failure to connect with your identity.
What you do is not who you are. Your job…that’s not you. That’s just what you do. Your relationships, thats not who you are. That’s what you are. I’m a husband and a father. I wasn’t always that. Many people fail because they’ve put their identities in what they look like, or better yet, want to look like- or how they perform. You were created with a very unique identity that transcends all of that.

2. A failure to connect with your purpose.
You have a purpose. Not a job. You were created for a reason. It’s in you and it longs to get out and be lived out. When you’re not connecting with that purpose you will tend to seek it out in other places, things to use to fill the void. Destructive things.

3. A failure to connect with your Creator.
Yes, their is a Creator and you are a part of His design. I don’t have a ‘hoping’ faith in his existence, I have experiential faith. If I were to tell you that the stove burner is hot, you could take my word for it and have faith in that truth. However, someone else could also articulate a case that it is not on, nor hot, and change your faith. That’s the effects of hoping faith. Then again, you could touch the burner for yourself. Now, no amount of rhetoric from either side will matter, you have experiential faith. (I’ve touched the burner.) He is real and He desires connection with His creation; a creation that He created with a beautiful, eternal identity and purpose. It’s certainly difficult to connect with identity and purpose without connecting to the One who created them.

4. A failure to connect with truth.
All roads do not lead to the same place. Unfortunately, there is a heaping pile of regretful travelers that have learned that the hard way. Being willing to trust in, or believe a lie is death to the soul. Truth is truth, and the truth will set you free. The truth about your identity…the truth about your purpose…the truth about your Creator…the truth about your eternity. These are things that truly set us free. It is not in our diet, or our physique, or our performance. All fleeting devices of a physical world.

Failing to connect with these four spiritual connections have been the greatest downfall of any and all of those I’ve worked with over the years, including myself. I’ve been to the bottom with the weight of the world on top of me. I circled the drain, teetering on worse things that lie ahead. It was only through realizing and understand these concepts, and carrying out these connections did I discover everything I truly needed to save and optimize my life physically, emotionally, AND spiritually.

Seek out these connections for yourself. Reach out to me for details on how to find them and I will gladly help make these connection real for you.

When demons in hiding show their ugly face: A confession of a once broken pastor.


I lay across my brother’s body, begging him not to leave me. In just a matter of minutes he was gone and his body lay lifeless. I was too young and not ready to take on the responsibility that he had left me with. How am I suppose to be strong for my parents and my newly wedded wife? The solution seemed to come in the form of sneaking into the living room in the middle of the night to burying my face in the sofa pillow while I unleash screams and sobs; a hidden sorrow. That wasn’t the only thing I buried. I buried my emotions and my weakness. I buried my vulnerability and in the end, ability to heal. Like a dormant malignant tumor, eventually it was sure to rear it’s ugly head. Ten years later to be exact. It came as unsuspected as an ice bath and in a most inappropriate time.  I was busy with life, successfully planting and leading an amazing church. I was innovative and full of energy. “The next high impact missional pastor”. None of that stopped me from hitting the wall and burning myself out, all the while secretly dealing with resurrected, unfinished grief.

In a matter of a few short months grief, laden with stress, sent my life reeling in a direction I never thought possible. I had become virtually non-functioning. Depression was full on. Not only was my body in excruciating pain form having twisted and kinked my spine into scoliosis from internalizing the stress, but my heart was black and suffering. I think of the words to Metallica’s “One”…

“Darkness imprisoning me. All that I see

images-1.jpgAbsolute horror, I cannot live.

I cannot die.

Trapped in myself, body my holding cell.”

I remember lying in a tub of water, sliding down to allow the water level to envelope my face thinking, “one deep lung full, and all this could be over”, or driving down the road thinking, “one whip of the wheel and ‘it’s finished.” Yeah, that dark.

I wonder if you’ve ever felt this kind of pain. I will spare much of the detail for now only to say that miracles ensued, healing eventually took its effect, and this experience left me with a life purpose to return the healing to those others who may feel as trapped or burdened by life. I’ll touch on those details later on. My ministry now is to enact triage to the bleeding, recovery to the lost, and optimization and prevention to the high performer. Those that know me today, who knew before then, know a completely different person and can attest to a holistic, identifiable change. I want to share the two greatest concepts that I came to terms with as a way to encourage you and point you in a direction of hope.


1. ‘Who’ I am is not ‘What’ I do. 

I mistook my identity in what I did. I was a “church planter”. With that identity I believed more lies, like ‘how I perform’ or ‘how well my church functioned’, was a reflection on who I was and how pleased God was with me. Every day I awoke with a pressure to perform. I had to be reminded that ‘who’ I am is a child of God. That He just loves me. Period. He’s my Father that loves me without me having to perform at a certain level. He wanted to be close to me, and care for me, and shepherd my heart regardless of my weaknesses and depravity. I realized I was loved.

2. I didn’t need what I thought I needed.

I was seeking and needing acceptance from critics and enemies. I was needing affluence and applause from friends. I was needing a successful church. I was needing everything that I didn’t need. As a matter of fact this revelation of what I actually needed came by a book that I’ve never read. The cover was enough to bring a life changing epiphany. The book is called “Jesus+ nothing =everything.” I thought I needed Jesus + lots of other things. I realized,though,  He was enough. His acceptance, His applause, His strength in me was enough. His love was enough. His fellowship was enough. His grace was enough. And I already had all those things!

My delayed grief from my brother’s death was enough to trigger a severe power outage in my life for some time. We may never know or be prepared for what knocks us off our game. However, I have no doubt now what or WHO has the power to reconnect the power source and give life back; not just to live, but live with abundant life. If you’re struggling, don’t give up. Give in to the One that desires to sustain you, and heal you. He is Faithful and He is hope. And so, this is the primary role of Trent Holbert Fitness, to be a help to you to discover the healing you need, both physically AND physically.


How to bio-hack your way out of stress


Do you struggle with moments of stress and anxiety? Let me rephrase that. Are a human being? Of course you deal with stress and anxiety. Granted, some of us have better coping skills, genetics, and emotional hygene that naturally help us to alleviate the damaging effects of stress. There are just some people who are cucumbers; just cool. They go with the flow, survive by adaptation, and quickly rise above the stress modalities. Admittedly, I am not one of those. This comment is not science backed, but I often wonder if part of my struggle is hereditary. I have excess worriers in my family. Added to that is lifestyle and career that is chock full of stress. I am a pastor and church planter. I have my personal struggles that I deal with plus the struggles of a congregation. I admit to you that I’ve always had a proclivity to gravitate toward anxiety. It’s something I have to keep in serious check. In 2011, I hit the wall. I burned the candle at both ends. I fried my hard drive. Use whatever metaphore is available…I was a wreck. Stress and anxiety nearly took my ministry, my family, and my life. I’ve spent years since then developing better, personal techniques for dealing with these tenencies.

I still struggle, though now I am able to more quickly identify, assess, and impliment healthy bio-hacks that have helped me navigate and stay healthy. Now, before I get into these techniques, understand that I am a Christian. I follow the teaching of the Bible and am grounded in them for daily practice, diciplines, and faith. As a part of my faith, I regard as truth “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You.” (Isaiah 26:3) There is nothing more saving than my meditation and relationship with God through Jesus Christ and this has proven itself over and over. Some of what I’m gong to mention may seem a bit unorthodox, yet I believe God has given us an array of faculties to use as a way to operate in optimal health. Though I do not use pharmacueticals for stress relief, I do not demonize their use.

  1. I listen to my body. When stress arizes, it triggers physiological signals. Sometimes I don’t even know I am stressed if not for these physical signals. I’ve become in-tune with these signals enough to be able to stop any detrimental effects before they get started. My breathing will become short and shallow. I can feel my body tempurature spike rather quickly and my cortizol levels rise. Adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinepgrine begin surging through my blood stream. My blood vessels constrict and my skin tingles around my neck, face and ears.
  2.  My immediate step begins with a change in breathing. I stop what I’m doing and begin some deep diaphragmatic breathing or some box breathing; doing nothing but concentrting on each breath in and each breath out. I do this for several minutes.
  3. I have a mantra that i repeat to myself. No, not the eastern philisphical type of mantra. The Bible says “the truth will set you free.” As I begin to relax my body, my mind relaxes on this thought, “All in my world is good.” How can this be true? Just within the past couple weeks, much has happened that has deeply stressed me out. Because, this world is not MY world. I belong to a kingdom, the Kingdom of God. That is where my true citizenship lies. In THAT world, God’s will reigns supreme and for that fact alone, all is good. Even everything that happens that stresses me out, though it may be damaging to this temporal world or MY fleshly will, it is working perfectly in God’s planning and providence.
  4. I get get out of breath. A little run or some exercise does more than the body good. It will flush those stress hormones, utilizing them, instead of allowing them to continue to circulate. Also, exercise increases dopamine and seratonin in the brain. We runners call that the “runners high.” these are the opposite of stress hormones.
  5. I tap into herbal alternatives and nootropics. Theres an array of natural stress reducers on the market and much reearch and education in this area is deserving. Ashwaganda is a fantastic adrenal builder. Gabba is a neurotransmitter with a soothing, calming effects. So is L-theanine,  and 5-HTP.
  6. This one is a really weird one but studies have shown the benefits, but I use what’s called “frequency therapy” to promote calming brain activity. It’s called binural beats and is really cool. We know that our cognition works differently with sets or measures of different brain waves. Our excititory nervous response to different stimuli have an effect on our learning, creativity, restfulness, or calming. Ideally, when it comes to reducing our brain’s stress signals we would opt for the “Theta” brain opposed to somethimg like “alpha” which could result in higher stress or impulsive decision making which is bad during times of high hightend stress. So, I use my ear buds and a free app called “brain waves” and it emits 2 seperate whole tone frequencies into each ear, resulting in my brain harmonizing with the resulting “binural” frequency, in this case the “theta” frequency. Think of a piano being harmonized to a tuning fork. This puts my brain into de-stress mode rather quickly. 

Stress and axiety are common place and vastly responsible for a myriad of diseases and life threatening health issues. I’ve stressed my body to the point of depleting my adrenal glands and twisting my lumbar spine into acute scoliosis. Even worse was the depression and suicidal thoughts. Stress and anxiety are nothing to ignore and hide. Perhaps one of the greatest practices for stress relief is talking it out with a friend. “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.” (Proverbs 27:17)  Listen to your body and let someone else listen to you. Above all, I hope you know that God’s ear is always attentive and his presence always comforting. Consider some of these practices the next time you feel a stressful situation effecting you negatively. It actually may be your answer for turning it around into something positve and efficatious to your life.



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