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My diet vs your diet



I’m so sick of hearing about food. So let’s talk about it. It’s all the rage to talk about it. On that note, it’s also all the rage to fight about it. Food wars can become nastier than political wars. “My diet” has become a dogmatic ideology that seems to contradict the very statement itself. As if to say that the way one person eats is the only and true way that everyone should eat. Then, it wouldn’t be “My” diet. It would be the epitome of “our” diet. The way, the truth, the life diet…the only exclusive way of eating.

This is absurd. Let’s talk about why we eat. Food is meant for only a few things. Fueling, building, healing, and enjoying. Macronutrients such as Carbs and Fats are used for fueling. Proteins are used for building. Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals are used for healing and sustainability. And, thank God, taste is used for enjoyment! I admit, I’ve oversimplified this, but for the sake of the subject, let’s roll with it. Where it gets sketchy is  when we decide the sources, amounts, and arrangements of these isolates that stem from our personal ethos, or way of thinking. Vegetarians vs meat eaters, Paleo vs SADD, Keto vs carbs, vegans vs everybody. We begin to pit ourselves against others in an attempt to project our ethos, not our science..not our clinical studies and n=1 of the eperson we’re trying to convince. My point, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT DIET IS FOR YOU! I’m still trying to figure that out for me.

Here’s what I know…

You can get lean and build muscle, and perform optimally by eating

as a carb burner (I’ve done it)

as a fat burner (I’ve done it)

as a carnivore (I’ve done it)

as a vegan (I’ve seen others do it, bless their heart)

as paleo (i’ve done it)

etc, etc…

Get the point?

“But you always talk about keto.” True homie, I do. I am keto. Right now. For the above reasons as mentionded for why to eat, keto has solved these for me. Restricting carb, increasing fats, and moderating proteins..using clean sources, has benefited my life in a ton of ways. Epigenetically speaking, it has warded off my auto-immune better than any other WOE (way of eating). Mentally speaking, my brain thrives on ketones for fuel and has optimized my focus and cognition. Metabolically speaking, it has healed and repaired by body and supplies me with more energy than I’ve received from any other WOE. I am able to compete in long distance races while fatsed and no G.I. Distress. It keeps me lean, And it tastes great. But, those are MY reasons. That is MY n=1.  Even as a Keto eater, I play around with the numbers. I’ve been paleo-keto with a more balanced approach. I have been 100% carnivore keto (check out Amber O’hearn) and found that that is quite lovely and sustainable. I’m now diving into plant based keto. I’m discovering myself.

I can tell you right now what the best diet is for you. I’m sure others have told you what you SHOULD eat. They’ve probably spouted some pseudo-scientific jargon from a source they found on Pinterest to help further encapsulate and protect their personal dogma. They sounded smart and knowledable, anyway. But, alas, at the end of the day it boils doen to this. Are you ready?

Eat in a way that works for you, and is sustainable. BOOM. Mic Drop.

*picks the mic back up*

That’s your grand truth. What food works best for your body to fuel, build, repair, sustain, and is enjoyable?

As a foodie community we can actually get along with one another if we peer through these lenses and stop projecting what we like or what works for us as the way for someone else. It makes no difference to compare a foods nutrient density that “fits our macros” as why another person should be conviced to eat them. Not when every person has a different genetic mapping that contributes to how those nutrients get absorbed, if at all. For instance, my wife does well with plant based protein. By body rejects it. My wife can eat more carbs than I can and not get the same insuligenic response. I have higher insulin resistance.

Aside from genetic mapping, we all have different gut biota schematics..different bacteria levels, colonies, and symbiotics. Your gut bacteria plays a major part in food absortion and utilization. I struggle with leaky gut and have to manage my diet around that in order to feed my gut biome properly. I have to be very careful with plant based diets due to SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth). It’s not pleasant for me or those around me.

I believe the journey of finding your WOE is a wondeful one. You get to self-discover and play. Instead of ripping pages from the gospel of Dr. Oz or the latest diet guru, you can listen to your own body and read the pages of how you feel and perform…and not feel guilty!

Ep. 22 Jason Price. Overcoming weight issues and finding spiritual victories

How to break your kids sugar addiction? Make grandma out to be a drug dealer. 

It’s a natural tenency, heck, even a right for every loving grandma to want to lavish their grandchildren with decadent sweets. My mother is no exception. She loves to sweeten up her two grandsons every chance she gets. If you know me, you can already sense the problem. I preach atop a very sturdy pedastool of anyi-sugar rhetoric. My mother supports my claims, sympathetically understands and agrees, yet still attaches to this desire to divvy out candies, sweet, and desserts. This week she has offered to bake the boys a chocolate cake. 

Sugar as we know it has destroyed the lives of countless folks by subjecting them to diabetes, heart disease, mentally degenerative diseases, hormonal abnormalities, nueropothies, obesity, and death. This is fact. It is the white drug of the 20 and 21st Centuries. Unlike heroine or meth, sugar has and shotgun effect. You don’t know how it’s going to show up. Will it be diabetes? Cancer? We won’t know until it happens. What we do know is, something dreadful WILL happen. It starts with a pleasant flavor, then a craving for me, then an addiction to it, followed by the cause of it. 

Back to grandma. I love my mother and I stay consistent in educating her on sugar and diet. I’ve helped her to address some of her own issues, as well as my dad who deals with pre-diabetes. Yet I will never be able to entirely stop her desire to bless her grandsons with sweets. She is well intentioned. So I concocted a new plan. I sat the boys down and talked to them about drugs. We’ve had many of these conversations in the past. They are well educated about the dangers of drug use. I began to pose 3 characteristics about drugs; 1.they damage the body. 2. they are addictive. and 3 they change your behavior. If something fits this catagory, is it a drug? Their response, “absolutely,yes”. As we have all agreed  drugs are bad and unwelcomed in our body. At that point I began to show them that sugar shares all 3 characteristics of a drug. Sugar damages our bodies in horrible ways, leading to death. Sugar creates serious addictions that are difficult to break. Sugar alters our moods and personalities (which we joke about via Snickers commercials). 

In one fell swoop, I just destroyed their desire to have sugar. They sincerely understand and have made a decision. They are willing to turn down this new drug. Now, I didn’t say they don’t want sweets. That’s not the same. I too enjoy sweets. What I’m teaching them, though  is alternative sweets. Stevia, erythrotol  xylotol. They get to enjoy amazing cookies, cakes, and  candies made from almond flour, and natural sweeteners. I’m healthy, I’m not a jerk! They choose these foods over sugary drugs. And, my kids eat healthy and I don’t have to hurt grandma’s feelings. 

In conclusion let me give you a guilt trip. Are you a drug dealer? Are you freely handing out drugs to your kids? I’m sure you’re not. You love your kids and you strive to protect them. However, you need to look at sugar for the drug that it is. If you would never give your child drugs, for reasons I’ve listed, why would you keep feeding them sugar? 

Abs in winter? The secret to a revealed 6 pack all year long.


Tonight while I was walking around the house shirtless, my youngest man cub walked up to me and started poking my stomach. “One, Two, Three, Four…” he was counting my six pack; though right now it’s more of a four pack. The oddity of this is that it is mid-January. Not even body builders have six packs now. Normally winter months provide a season of shortned day light, less moving, more eating, bears hybernating, and me adding an extra layer of fat to my mid-region. Granted, I have added a little, yet still showcasing a very visable outline of my  transverse and rectus abdominus. I just recently listened to Arnold (if you need a last name youre on the wrong blog) on a podcast the other day state how the attempt to keep a year round six pack will drive you insane. I could see that. If you constantly have to work at it and fight for it, it would drive anyone insane. They are easily the hardest muscles to keep uncovered.

My secret, though, is that I don’t really try to keep a six pack. I try to stay on point with my diet and helath, and like a cascade effect, everything else falls into place. But antedotically  speaking, let me give you my training plan for keeping a low body fat percentage during the most difficult time of the year.

  1. I eat fat to lose fat.

I drop my carb intake which lowers insulin, and I increase my fats. Insulin is the hormone at the wheel of the fat storing car that drives fat retention. I eat until I’m full of foods that I love, that are nutrient dense, and full of healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

2. I forgive myself.

My diet isn’t perfect every day. I will fall, and fall hard occassionally. The next day, I wake up, forgive myslef and start again. I don’t starve myself to get back on track, and I dont continue down the road of dietary depravity to a world of utter lostness and no return. I just start back eating the way I know I should…(see #1)

3. I intermittenly fast.

I eat only anywhere between 4 and 6 hours every day. Leaving myself with a minimal 16 hour fasting window, my body has the opportunity to reset crucial hormones, enter a fasted state of fat burning, and upregulate ketone production. The majority of the day I’m just burning fat stores as fuel. As an added bonus, fasting has been proven to increase testosterone and Human Growth Hormone, making adding muscle much easier.

4. I man up to the cold.

I don’t let the weather dictate whether or not I’m going to work out. Even though my crossfit happens to be in a heated facility, my running still takes place in the frozen tundra that is my local running route. My beard gets ice cicles hanging from it on occasion. I refuse to let uncomfortable conditions stop me from moving .

5. I sleep more.

With daylight shortened, I allow for the natural adjustment of my circadian rythym and I respect it. I go to bed much earlier and allow my body the recovery it needs. Sleep has a wonderful effect on fat loss! *Sleep is not the same as sloth.*

6. And lastly, I lift heavy things.

I dump loads of muscle glycogen for fat burning and hypertrophy. Building lean muscle mass is vital for increasing metabolism, burning fat, and regulating healthy hormone production. It doesn’t take much, just a couple or 3 times a week; bench, squat, deadlift with some added accessory lifts, overhead press, curl, dips, lunges.


These things have just become natural routine. I don’t stress it, and I don’t beat myself up at keeping up with it. And, for all of that being said, I get to enjoy (at worst) a 4 pack of abs in mid-January, without driving myslef crazy trying to. Which at best, leaves me closer toward summer to go ahead and lean into a ripped physique without much work.

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Evangelistic about keto

A throwback episode of my interview imgres-3with International best selling author and America’s long running health podcast “Livin La Vida Low Carb” with podcaster Jimmy Moore.


5 Key questions to ask for total body transformation.



This time of year causes a massive explosion to take place in the fitness world. Gyms are bursting at the seams as newly committed resoltions fuel the desires and goals of the “not so in shape” crowd. Those, whove been waiting all year, waiting till after the holiday gluttony to get started, find their way to the treadmill or latest diet fad. Sadly, within 2 months 90% of the new gym memberships will go unused and the ‘ab master’ that was destined to chisel that six pack lays dormant and lonely in the corner. What happened? Where they insincere? Were they misinformed? Why do they fall off so quickly?

It could be because people generally start with the answers before they ask the querstions. “I need to get in shape”, or “I’ve got to get this weight off” are echoed answers to every mesomorph and couch potato who’ve ever decided to finally kick it in gear. The problem- the answer is not where you begin. We have to be learners before we can be doers. There’s honest questions that must first be anked and answered before we begin on this journey to Adonis like features.

  1. Where am I now?

Take an honest look. If you can’t run a mile then don’t try to run a 5k. If you cant fit into a size 4 then stop trying to fit into a size 3. If you weigh x amount, then that’s what you weigh. Don’t start with the end. Start with where you are, only having in the end in site. Take an honest assessment of yourself. The honestly will be sobering and the reality will be the perfect starting point.

2.Where do I want to be?

It’s up to you. But answer the question. Do you want to perform at a certain level? Define the level. Do you want to look a certaon way. Define the look. 2

3.When am I going to do this?

Set a specific time, day, place, etc. Make sure it’s set and set in stone. Are you going to start on Monday? Are you going to go 2 days a week? 3? If you don’t answer this question, you’ll never get started.

4. Why am I doing it?

This is your purpose and vision. Where there is no vision you will cast off restraints. There must be an identifiable, long lasting reason to why you are doing what you’re doing. It’s your reason. Don’t be ashamed whatever it is, just own it. Write it down and post it where you can see it every day.

5.How am I going to do this?

If you don’t have a plan in place then you have no orad to get you to your destination. Does your destination require specific suppliments? Eating plan? Recovery protocol? A personal trainer?

Take care of the where, when, why, and how and you will be taking care of all the details you’ll need to see a total body transformation.

The man bun or coffee enema. Which one is more beneficial? (how biohacking is changing the way we view health)


Before you read this, let me give a reader discretion advised clause here. Hide the children and erase your internet history afterward. Ok, it’s not that bad, but, I’m going to probably make you judge me a little. I’m a biohacker. Now, that word is becoming a buzz word and cliche and soon to go the way of the man bun. But, unlike the man bun, biohacking has a dignified place in our lives. Simply put, to bio-hack ones body is to tap into natural biological prevention, maintenance, healing and optimization, using various modalities and techniques. As a biohacking personal trainer, I tend to experiment… a lot. Some for my own health. Some for the health of others. I can’t suggest someone else do anything that seems strange if I haven’t put it to the test first. I can tell you within the past month I have ingested things with labels that read “not for human consumption”. I see that as a subtle suggestion. In Silicon Valley, I’d be seen as normal, or even boring. In my own camp, that of also being a Baptist pastor and church leader, I’m viewed a little unorthodox. (However, just last night I taught my church how to fast without hunger to better optimize their prayer and fasting experience.)

In the last couple of months I’ve done some new experiments.

I’ve started drinking mushroom coffee. I am really pleased to say the least. With just 10% of the caffeine of regular coffee, I still feel the jolt. The chaga mushroom is known for its energy and the lions mane for mental focus. I’ve tried it bulletproof (adding MCT oil, and butter), french vanilla, and straight. All of it has been good. Check out They provide a really nice product. Sort of a full bodied, nutty flavor.

I’ve been playing around with some nootropics as well. A nootropic is a brain enhancing supplement, not a smart drug. Alpha GPC, phenubut, GABBA, these are just some toys in my cabinet at the moment. I’ve been firing up my brain and running on all cylinders. It’s improving my mental workload capacity, as well as my physical work load capacity. My brain isn’t tiring and so my body stays motivated to keep going as well. Isn’t it amazing that ‘so as a man thinks…so is he’?

Also, I’ve been playing around with manual lemphatic flushing massage. I’ll speak more about this later in another blog, but it’s really cool. Your lemphatic system is responsible for keeping you from getting sick and diseased, right? Well did you know that this system is pumpless? Unlike the circulatory system, which has a pump (your heart), the lymphatic fluid can actually build up and even get stopped up, causing a myriad of problems to our health. I should know, I no longer have two parts to my lemphatic system, my tonsils and adenoids, So, you can actually massage the fluid through the system as therapy. Plus, it feels nice.

I’m getting ready to interview one of my biggest influences, Ben Greenfield, on Monday. Google him. He’s on top of the world when it comes to biohacking, fitness, and triathlete and endurance competition. Because of Ben, I find myself venturing into realms I’d never dreamed of… like shooting coffee up my butt. Yep, you read that right. It’s called a coffee enema. As I studied this, I found out that there’s lots of things people shoot up their butt for health reasons. The obvious one is saline, as a diarrhetic, to get things moving. Apparently though, evaporated milk is also common. But why coffee? Coffee has been used as a detoxifier. It contains alkaloids that stimulate the production of an enzyme called Glutathione. Glutathione is used by the liver to make the detox pathways run, enabling toxins to be flushed by the body. So basically, giving yourself a coffee enema is a sure fire way to speed up the detoxification process in your body, increasing bile production and feeling way better immediately. Who knew the brain wasn’t the only thing coffee has the ability to wake up?

I believe the world of health is changing at the speed of light right before our eyes. I believe that is true for fitness as well training and conditioning. Hacking your health is not seen a taboo as it used to be. As a matter of fact, I stay quite busy with people searching me out for training and advice just to keep them from having to go the traditional routes of health and wellness. I believe as strange as a lifestyle as I lead, and as unorthodox as I may seem, I’m on the right road. And as I marry these together with ministry, I say look out…you’ll know my name.

If you want to eat healthy, try some dog food. Wait, what?


images-3.jpgSo, recently our puppy got pretty sick. Thankfully it wasn’t fatal and we properly treated an intestinal gastritis episode with a visit to the vet and a regimine of proper nutrition. To build the little guy up, I visited our local pet store and perused the many isles of puppy chow. As I wavered in front of each selection and spent time reading the ingredients, I felt an odd feeling. Hunger. I couldn’t believe how appetizing everything sounded. Delicous chicken, beef, fish and even bison! Non-GMO. Gluten free. I mean, when did animals go paleo? I picked up a can of all natural bone broth with tumeric and some whey protein bits and off I went. When my wife came home and saw my assortment of dog food, she was a little conflicted over the fact that I had drank some of the bone broth. Is that ok?

Look, I’m not saying I suggest you go out and eat dog food, however, I am a nutrtionist and I pay very close attention to labels…and I had to see if their bone broth tastes as good as mine.

Here’s the problem I’m conteding with. It occurs to me that we are feeding our dogs and cats better than we’re feeding our children. Most kids will eat nutrient lacking food, pumped full of preservatives, GMO’s, and dyes and we’ll call that a “happy meal”.  Their little carb loaded brains and sugar surging pancreases will work tireless to keep up with the energy demands on their bodies without actually having any REAL food to compensate. The food labels tell the story. I can’t pronounce most of the words. 81NcYtiI3+L._SL1500_.jpg

And then read the labels on pet food. A different story is told. A story of whole food, vitamins and minerals and antioxidents.


Isn’t this absurd? Not the we wouldn’t do well to feed Fido a healthy assortment of whole food…but that we would feed him better than our own children, or for that fact, ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to look to the pet food industry for some guidance of food value. In the end, at least we would have shinier coats and cleaner teach.


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